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In the last series under “Planets” sections, we have described different characteristics of planets and in this series, we will understand the planet more deeply and will know what exactly the planet signifies.

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In the last post of this series, we have discussed about the planet Mercury. Here, we will discuss about the Jupiter.

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Symbolic meaning of the Jupiter

The symbolic meaning of Jupiter is "Positivity" which is all about “Good luck”, “Optimism” & “Growth (or, Expansion)”.

Good luck simply means “Happiness”, “Peace of mind” and everything else which is good for us.


Similarly, Optimism includes “Trust” & “Faith”. 

As faith is required in case of religion, so Jupiter also signifies "Religion" or, "spirituality" and from "Trust" comes "Honesty" which is also signified by Jupiter.

Optimism also includes the secular form of religion like "Philosophy", “Ethics", “Morality”, "Laws" etc.

So, Jupiter is all about discrimination between Dos & Don’ts.

Growth/Expansion includes “Physical growth”, “Mental growth” and “Financial growth” (Abundance of resources/wealth coming from a positive/good way only) as well. All these factors can be seen from Jupiter.

Moreover, “Growth” also implies to "Children" because children expand the lineage.

Not only “Children” but, Jupiter also represents "Teacher”, "Preachers”, "Parents”, "Saints”, “Monks”, “Sages" etc. because for a proper growth, the child needs all these supports.

Nature of the Jupiter

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and such an appearance defines its ever-expansive nature, unending inspiration & optimism.

Vedic deity of the Jupiter: “Brihaspati”

“Brihaspati” is the deity of the Jupiter.

The Jupiter is also called as “Brihaspati Loka” and but, as He is the guru of demigods (Or, “Devatas”) so, hist abode is “Dev loka”.


There are many names for “Brihaspati” and some of them are as follows -: ”Dev Guru (or, Guru)”, “Purohita”, “Angirasa”, “Vyasa” etc.

“Brihaspati” is the son of sage “Angiras” and “Suroopa”. He is the “Manasa-putra” (Wise-born-son) of lord “Brahma”.

Brihaspati was married to “Tara” (Goddess who personifies the stars in the sky), who was later abducted by “Chandra” (The Moon God) and beget a son named “Budh” (The Mercury).

Description of “Brihaspati” in “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra”

The “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra” or, “BPHS” is considered as the fundamental scripture of Vedic astrology and there, the description of “Brihaspati” is given as follows -:

“The Jupiter is large bodied, has honey colored eyes, and hair, is phlegmatic, intelligent and learned is all classics/scriptures (Shastras).”

{The personality and nature of the native is influenced by the ascendant, strong planet of the chart & ascendant of the D-9 (Navamsha) chart.}

Jupiter as significator

Jupiter is the significator of all the things that it represents and till now, we got a general idea of what it represents.

Let’s go one step further into the discussion to know what other things the Jupiter can signify.

Jupiter signifies the following things -:

  1. Guru, mentor, wise/learned people, professors, priests, preachers, monks, sages, teachers, parents, children
  2. Knowledge, wealth, wisdom, higher education, religion, spirituality, ethics, morality, law, philosophy, scholarship, merit, fame/honor
  3. Holiness, optimism, good luck, expansion, growth, fortune, righteousness, prosperity, respect, hospitality, generosity, simplicity, auspiciousness, divine favor 
  4. Ambition, patient, destiny, abundance, life force/life, meditation, theism
  5. Decision making, teaching, advisers, consultants, healers, intellectuals
  6. Spiritual knowledge, philanthropy, adult education, judiciary, law, judge, publication, Straightforward
  7. Religious places, library, holy places, trusts, monasteries 
  8. Astrology, banks, insurance companies, trade in gold, religious books
  9. Statues, capital investment, export/import
  10. Gram, gram floor, sweets, turmeric, eatables, husband, marriage & happy marital life, sweets
  11. Elder brothers & sisters, respected elders in family

In Medical astrology, the Jupiter represents the following things -:

  1. Fat in body
  2. Abdominal region
  3. Liver
  4. Glands in human body
  5. Ears, hips
  6. Pancreas & Gall bladder 

Appearance of a person influenced by the Jupiter

If the Jupiter dominates in the horoscope of a person then, he/she is said to be influenced by the Jupiter more than any other planet and may reflect some of the following traits in his/her appearance & behavior.

  1. Kind hearted, optimistic & knowledgeable
  2. Wide & healthy in appearance

It is not necessary that he/she will reflect all such traits as other planets also influence the appearance of the person.

This is all about the Jupiter in Vedic astrology and in the next post we will discuss about the Venus.

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