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In the last series under “Planets” sections, we have described different characteristics of planets and in this series, we will understand the planet more deeply and will know what exactly the planet signifies.

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In the last post of this series, we have discussed about the planet Mars. Here, we will discuss about the Mercury.

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Symbolic meaning of the Mercury

The key symbolic meaning of "Mercury" is "Intelligence" or "Intellect". 

Intellect helps us in understanding various things, finding similarities or, dissimilarities between various them.

Recognizing other patterns and comparison of different patterns by taking some reference is also due to our intelligence.

From intellect comes “language” because language is the medium to express our intelligence.

So, Mercury also represents “language” and it can be verbal or, non-verbal like English and sign languages respectively or, it can be numeric too like mathematics.

Again, Mercury represents “Communication” because through communication we also express our thoughts and intelligence and use the language at work.

Image : Symbolic representation of the Mercury

We all know that communication needs at least two persons and thus, Mercury also represents “Relationship”, “Friendships” & “Friends”.

Another kind of interaction could be financial interaction and thus, Mercury represents “Trading”, “Marketing” etc.

Words like "Merchandise", "Merchant", "Mercantile" etc. Originated from the word "Mercury".

Because Mercury deals with intelligence so, it also represents “Diplomacy”, “Negotiation”, “Mediation”, “Tactfulness” etc.

Mediation and relationships is all about finding the balance; and this balance is not only on the mental level but also in the physical level.

So, Mercury has a lot to do with “Symmetry” and “Beauty”, therefore, represents “Skin” and “Skin related diseases” and as it also signifies the intelligence ,so, it also represents “Nervous system”, “Nervous problems” etc.

Because of this balanced characteristic ; Mercury is considered as a “Neuter planet” ,i.e., neither masculine nor, feminine.

So, Mercury represents people who are neuter/bisexual and teens.

Because of the qualities like finding symmetry and relation between objects etc., Mercury also shows “Cleanliness”, “Organization” etc.

Nature of the Mercury

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and is the fastest moving planet to revolve around it.

Such a nature of Mercury makes it a good messenger who informs current events and offers advice regarding strategy and alliance to the Sun (The King).

Image : The Earth & The Mercury

Thus, Mercury shows messengers, expert storytellers, jokester, interrogator, gullible & flexible people.

Mercury manifest itself as search engines on the internet, intelligence communities such as the CIA, and as the nervous system & skin in the body.

Vedic deity of the Mercury: “Budh”

“Budh” is the deity of the Mercury.

The Mercury is also called as “Budh loka” and it is the abode of “Budh”.

There are many names for “Budh” and some of them are as follows -: ”Saumya”, “Rohineya”, “Tunga” etc.

Image : Budh Dev

“Budh” is the deity of the Mercury.

The Mercury is also called as “Budh loka” and it is the abode of “Budh”.

There are many names for “Budh” and some of them are as follows -: ”Saumya”, “Rohineya”, “Tunga” etc.

“Buddha” is the son of the Mood God, “Chandra Dev” or, “Soma” and wife of Guru “Brihaspat” (The Jupiter) known as “Tara”.

Because of the curse of Guru “Brihaspati”, “Budh” was born as a neuter and he rides a creature named “Yali” that has the head of an elephant but, the body of a lion.

“Budh” married to “Ila”, who becomes a woman when the moon wanes and turns into a man when the moon waxes.

Description of “Budh” in “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra”

The “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra” or, “BPHS” is considered as the fundamental scripture of Vedic astrology and there, the description of “Budh” is given as follows -:

“The Mercury possesses an attractive physique and the ability to make pun or, to speak words having double meaning, sense of humor. He has a blend of all three humors of Bile (Pitta), Phlegm (Kapha) & Wind (Vaat) .”

{The personality and nature of the native is influenced by the ascendant, strong planet of the chart & ascendant of the D-9 (Navamsha) chart.}

Mercury as significator

Mercury is the significator of all the things that it represents and till now, we got a general idea of what it represents.

Image : The Mercury

Let’s go one step further into the discussion to know what other things the Mercury can signify.

Mercury signifies the following things -:

  1. Speech, knowledge, intelligence, memory power, communication, concentration, humor/wit
  2. Education (Mainly primary education), IQ, logic, writing skills, puzzle solving skills, teaching skills
  3. Wavering nature, patient, speed
  4. Mathematics, Accounting, finance, trading, business, marketing, analytics, banking
  5. Abstract thinking, reading, writing, journalism, publishing, blogging, editing, papers of property, advertising & sales
  6. Money, stock market, IT sector, computers, technology, search engines, communication technology, astronomy & astrology
  7. Literature, tourism, commerce, schools, institutes for higher education, vocational educational institutes, courier service
  8. Doctor (especially related to medicine, nervous system or, skin), postman, correspondents, dance, drama, traders, comedians, data analyst, people in marketing/trading/banking/business field
  9. Friends, relatives, maternal uncles/aunts, adopted children
  10. Edible oils, oil seeds, park, casino, playground
  11. Horse, lead, brass
  12. Childhood and adolescence

In Medical astrology, the Mercury represents the following things -:

  1. Nervous system and nerves in the body
  2. Tongue
  3. Intestines
  4. Skin & skin diseases
  5. Hands/arms
  6. Dandruff and hair problems
  7. Medicines

Appearance of a person influenced by the Mercury

If the Mercury dominates in the horoscope of a person then, he/she is said to be influenced by the Mercury more than any other planet and may reflect some of the following traits in his/her appearance & behavior

  1. Knowledgeable, fun loving
  2. Versatile, calculative & friendly
It is not necessary that he/she will reflect all such traits as other planets also influence the appearance of the person.

This is all about the Mercury in Vedic astrology and in the next post we will discuss about the Jupiter. 

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