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In the last series under “Planets” sections, we have described different characteristics of planets and in this series, we will understand the planet more deeply and will know what exactly the planet signifies.

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In the last post of this series, we discussed about the Sun and here, we will discuss about the Moon.

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Symbolic meaning of the Moon

The symbolic meaning of "Moon" is "Mind".

Mind is the “Subjective consciousness”.

Like the light from the sun illumines the moon and we able to see it in the sky; similarly, consciousness reflects everything and we experience different states like -: Waking, dreaming & deep sleep state along with different objects around us.

So, consciousness is reflected in the mind and we experience different states and objects. So, Mind can be termed as "Subjective consciousness".

As the moon changes its shape every night (from waxing to waning) and constantly moves; in the same manner, mind is subject to change and fluctuation.

Image : Symbolic representation of the Moon

So, Moon represents our moods and everything that has a fluctuating pattern like -: menstrual cycles, drumming, dancing and things that have some rhythm in it.

Having some opinion or, giving some opinion of something is another thing that mind always does. Therefore, moon indicates the person’s perception or, way of thinking.

So, Moon represents the nature of person and how he/she visualizes the world around.

From opinion comes desire.

If our opinion about something is positive then we desire to have that and when negative then we tend to avoid that.

From desire comes emotion.

If we fulfill a desire, we feel a happy kind of emotion & when unfulfilled, a sad emotion comes. Similarly, we have other emotions like feeling angry or, jolly etc.

So, Moon represents all such things like emotions, desires, mental health, perception, way of thinking etc.

Moon also represents Mother; because she is the one who takes care of our emotions, mind & inner health.

So, by looking just at placement of the Moon in a horoscope; one can predict the nature of a person, his/her desires, way of thinking, emotions, level of maturity, perception etc. that basically forms the most part of a person.

Therefore, the Moon sign (Chandra Rashi) holds a great importance in Vedic astrology.

Nature of the Moon

Moon shines through the light of the Sun and subject to waxing and waning, periodically.

This nature of Moon represent things that has a rhythm or, period in it like dancing, drumming, menstrual cycle etc.

Image : The Earth & The Moon

Also, it shows individualized consciousness that gives a feeling nature to the soul to unite with the body.

The Moon’s tidal influence is also responsible for controlling the flow of water which provides growth and healing as well as the medicinal potency in plants and herbs.

Vedic deity of the Moon: “Chandra”

“Chandra” is the deity of the Moon.

The Moon is also called as “Chandra loka” and it is the abode of “Chandra”.

There are many names of “Chandra” and some of them are as follows -: Soma, Indu, Atrisuta, Sachin, Taradhipa, Nishakara etc.

Image : Chandra Dev

“Chandra” is generally depicted as a two armed young & beautiful man carrying a club & a lotus and sitting on a chariot pulled by an antelope.

His consorts are the 27 daughters of “Daksha”, after whom the “Nakshatras” in Hindu astrology are named. He is the father of “Buddha” (Deity of the planet “Mercury”).

His father is sage “Atri”, mother is “Anusuya”.

Description of “Chandra” in “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra”

The “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra” or, “BPHS” is considered as the fundamental scripture of Vedic astrology and there, the description of “Chandra” is given as follows -:

“The Moon is very windy and phlegmatic. She has round body and is learned. She has auspicious looks and sweet speech, is fickle minded and very lustful.”

{The personality and nature of the native is influenced by the ascendant, strong planet of the chart & ascendant of the D-9 (Navamsha) chart.}

Moon as significator

Moon is the significator of all the things that it represents and till now, we got a general idea of what it represents.

Image : The Moon

Let’s go one step further into the discussion to know what other things the Moon can signify.

Moon signifies the following things -:

  1. Mother & motherly figure, nourishment
  2. Imaginations, emotions, mind, thoughts, feelings
  3. Desire, passion, memory, happiness, mood
  4. Leadership in a gentle fashion (As opposed to the burning nature of the Sun)
  5. Childhood (especially, till 5 years of age & so), travelling, journey, sea journey, foreign travel
  6. Public opinion, mass fame (especially with common people)
  7. Watery places like oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, bathroom, hospital, restaurants
  8. Sleep, dreams, glow, fame
  9. Tourism, exhibition, musical concerts, dancing, singing, drumming etc.
  10. Changeability, adaptability 
  11. Milk, water, honey, juices, liquor, sweets, rice, white objects, glass objects, cows
  12. Travelling related professions/agents, seamen, fishermen, poet 
  13. Agriculture (especially when related with Saturn), gardening

In Medical astrology, the Moon represents the following things

  1. Mental health & mental stability
  2. Menstrual cycle
  3. Fertility in women
  4. Womb, lungs, breasts
  5. Fluid systems of body – Lymphatic system/ Circulatory (Blood)
  6. Tonsils and upper throat area
  7. Left eye and eyesight in general
  8. Blood & blood vessels
  9. Water borne diseases, coughing, sneezing, common cold, headache etc.

Appearance of a person influenced by the Moon

If the Moon dominates in the horoscope of a person then, he/she is said to be influenced by the Moon more than any other planet and may reflect some of the following traits in his/her appearance.
  1. Fair complexion, attractive personality
  2. Curly hairs, beautiful eyes
  3. Soft spoken & gentle

It is not necessary that he/she will reflect all such traits as other planets also influence the appearance of the person.

This is all about the Moon in Vedic astrology and in the next post we will discuss about the Mars.

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