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In the last series under “Planets” sections, we have described different characteristics of planets and in this series, we will understand the planet more deeply and will know what exactly the planet signifies.

(You can check-out the series describing different characteristic of planets, here -: Planets in Vedic astrology )

This is the first post of this series and let’s start this with the first “Graha” (Planet), the Sun.

Symbolic meaning of the Sun

The key symbolism for “Sun” is “Soul”. It is represented by a dot with a circle around it, where, the dot represents the “Soul” or, source of creation and the “Circle” represents “manifested existence”.

Soul is that we call as “Consciousness” and consciousness is like light and we know, we can’t see light but, because of light only we can able to see other things.

Image : Symbolic representation of the Sun

Without light, there will be darkness similarly, without consciousness nothing can exist.

So, consciousness or, soul is the locus of one’s identity.

Therefore, Sun represents “ego” and anything related to “self” like “Self-respect”, “Self-esteem”.

As Sun represents soul/consciousness which is the source of everything, hence, Sun also represents “authority”.

Moreover, from astronomical point of view also, we can see that, Sun is the source of all light (in our solar system) and all the planets revolve around it; this indeed makes the Sun a king who have the highest authority & respect.

Therefore, Sun represents “Kings”, “Government”, “Dictator”, “Father”, “boss” and people who holds the highest power in an organization.

Sun also represents “Career” because our whole life revolves around our career only.

Moreover, Sun represents “day time” too.

In the day time we woke up and with the presence of sunlight we see things clearly and go out for work; thus, from this perspective also Sun represents one’s career.

Nature of the Sun

From an astronomical point of view, it is the biggest of all celestial bodies present in our solar system and with its luminescence it shines everything around it without any discrimination.

Image : The Solar System

With its immense gravitational force, it holds all other planets in their orbit and in fact, the solar system exists and functions properly only because of the Sun.

Such magnificent qualities of Sun indeed make it the king of the solar system and emblem of authority.

Vedic deity of the Sun: “Surya”

“Surya” is the deity of the Sun and God of light, day and wisdom.

The Sun is also called as “Surya loka” and it is the abode of “Surya”.

There are many names of “Surya” and some of them are as follows -: Ravi, Aditya, Arka, Bhanu, Savitru, Pushana, Martanda, Mitra, Vivasvana etc.

“Surya” is generally depicted as siting on a chariot drawn by seven horses with “Aruna” as his charioteer.

Image : Surya Dev

Metaphorically, the seven horses represent the seven colors present in the rainbow (VIBGYOR) or, seven days of the week or, seven levels of consciousness (The seven chakras in kundalini) etc.

His consorts are “Ushas”, “Ratri”, “Chhaya”, “Sanjya/Sandhya” and his children are “Shani” (The deity of planet “Saturn”), “Yama”, “Yamuna”, “Tapati”, “Karna”, “Shraddhadeva Manu”.

His father is sage “Kashyapa”, mother is “Aditi” and brother is “Varuna”.

Description of “Surya” in “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra”

The “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra” or, “BPHS” is considered as the fundamental scripture of Vedic astrology and there, the description of “Surya” is given as follows -:

“The Sun has honey colored eyes, square body; he is of clean habits, is bilious, intelligent, manly and has limited hair on his head”.

{The personality and nature of the native is influenced by the ascendant, strong planet of the chart & ascendant of the D-9 (Navamsha) chart.}

Sun as significator

Sun is the significator of all the things that it represents and till now, we got a general idea of what it represents.

Image : The Sun

Let’s go one step further into the discussion to know what other things the Sun can signify.

Sun signifies the following things -:

  1. Father & fatherly figure
  2. Ego, self-esteem, self-respect, glory, power
  3. Royal status, dignity, nobility, kingly status
  4. Radiance, brilliance, wisdom, charisma
  5. King, government, ruler, administrators, government jobs (Higher level), authority, domination
  6. Royal positions, administration, administrator of higher level, top leader
  7. Temple & religious places, places for worship, open places, places without water
  8. Forts, forests & mountains, temples of lord “Shiva”
  9. Courage & vitality (in general)
  10. Soul, fire and fire elements
  11. Character, happiness, loyalty, dedication, outer personality
  12. Wood, wool, gold, copper, wheat
  13. Health, doctors, courts, electricity, money lenders, forest officers, controllers

In Medical astrology, the Sun represents the following things

  1. Bones, heart, artery & veins
  2. Right eye, brain, hair
  3. Eyesight (in general)
  4. Stomach (not intestine)
  5. Fevers, bile

Appearance of a person influenced by the Sun

If the Sun dominates in the horoscope of a person then, he/she is said to be influenced by the Sun more than any other planet and may reflect some of the following traits in his/her appearance.

  1. Thin hair
  2. Brown eyes
  3. Energetic & dominating

It is not necessary that he/she will reflect all such traits as other planets also influence the appearance of the person.

This is all about the Sun in Vedic astrology and in the next post we will discuss about the Moon.

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