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In the last part we discussed a brief note on the special names of the “Kendra” houses and broadly distinguished the first and the last six houses. Further, we discussed about the ascendant, 2nd house and 12th house.

If you haven’t read our last two posts of this series then, I recommend you to read them first for better an understanding

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In this post, we will discuss about the descendant, 6th house and 8th house by taking the below image (fig-1) as reference -:

the descendants image
Fig-1 : The Sixth, Seventh & eighth house 

The Descendant (7th house)

The 7th house falls directly opposite of the 1st house and hence, called as “Descendant”. This is the place where sun sets. Therefore, like the ascendant represents “Birth of the body” similarly, the descendant represents “Death of the body” and hence, the 7th house is called as “Maraka Sthana”.

Similarly, 7th house is a place where day & night connects with each other in the evening, so, this is also a place of partnership or, relationship. The most prior relation of a person is marriage and so, 7th house represents marriage along with other forms of partnership like business partnership, joint venture etc.

Like the 1st house represents the “Self” similarly, the 7th house represents the other person who is like better half for the self and so, it’s the place that represents “Spouse” in general.

Bullet Points

Here, we have some bullet points (for the ease of memorizing) that shows things related to the 7th house-:
  1. Partnerships, relationship
  2. Business partner, spouse (life partner)
  3. Marriage, married life
  4. Residence far from birth town, foreign residence
  5. Sexuality, sexual habits
  6. Large intestine, anal area
  7. Death
The 7th house also comes under “Maraka Sthana houses”, i.e., the house that has a potential to end life.

The 7th house is also known as “Saptam Bhav” or, “Kalatra bhav” and its lord is known as “Saptamesh”.

The 6th house

Then comes the 6th house, that is present just below the 7th house and as 2nd house supports the 1st house, similarly, 6th house does the same.

As 7th house belongs to “other people” and as 6th house supports the 7th house then, it means that it represents people who don’t support us but, take the side of other people.

Therefore, 6th house deals with enemies, competitors etc.

As; 2nd house represent “Health” & “Wealth” to support “Self” similarly, 6th house represents “Diseases” & “Debts” for not supporting the “Self”.

The 6th house is also about “chores” or, “Daily work”, i.e. the work one does to support others.

7th house is the house where sun sets or, things become invisible or, intangible. So, the thing that supports invisibility is "Confusion" which is also represented by the 6th house.

Bullet Points

Here, we have some bullet points (for the ease of memorizing) that shows things related to the 6th house-:
  1. Anything that opposes our progress
  2. Enemies, competitors, opponents
  3. Debts, loans, litigation/courts
  4. Diseases, injuries, surgeries, acute sickness & diseases, physical pain
  5. Break of a relationship
  6. Daily work (Chores), confusion, agony
  7. Service & servants
  8. Theft & thieves
  9. Animals, Pets, fire
  10. Hygiene and medicines
  11. Critical thoughts & being critical of others, finding flaws
  12. Pancreas, small intestine, lower waist level, lower back
  13. Urinary bladders, kidneys
  14. Pregnancy for a female

The 6th house is also known as “Sastha bhav” or, “Ari bhav” or, “Rog bhav” or, “Ripu bhav” and its lord is known as “Sasthesh”.

The 8th house

The 8th house is present just above the 7th house and just like the 12th house erodes the 1st house; the 8th house erodes the 7th house.

It is the power of life or, life force that erodes death because with the removal of life force, the body dies and as the 7th house represents “Death”, the 8th represents “Longevity”.

It is the house that also represents the “Sexual power” because this is the power by virtue of which the human race continues and it’s a kind of defeating death or, eroding it, by creation of new life.

The 7th house is the house where sun sets or, the things became invisible or, intangible and the thing that defies invisibility is the ability to see. So, 8th house is also the house of occult, mysticism etc. which gives the ability to see the unseen and hidden things.

Bullet Points

Here, we have some bullet points (for the ease of memorizing) that shows things related to the 8th house-:
  1. Sudden events, sudden death, violent endings, transformation
  2. Tragic & serious accidents and injuries
  3. Longevity, death and death like events
  4. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, smoking
  5. Loans or, unearned money like legacies, inheritance
  6. Change of lifestyle/ residence/ job or, other activity
  7. Mental anguish and despair/ hopelessness
  8. Detachment from materialism and success
  9. Hidden things, black magic, occult, metaphysics
  10. Interest in occultism, mysteries, hidden facts, metaphysics etc.
  11. Sexual intercourse, indulging in sexual activities
  12. Marital bliss
  13. Trying to uncover hidden things, deep research in any area
  14. Chronic or, long term diseases, incurable diseases and terminal sickness
  15. Anal area, internal sexual organs, testicles (for males)

The 8th house is also known as “Astham bhav” or, “Aayu bhav” or, “Mrityu bhav” and its lord is known as “Astamesh”.

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