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In the series of “Houses in Vedic astrology”, we have discussed about the meaning of houses in astrology and their basic classification in groups according to their nature.

In this series, we will know more about the houses and the things they represent in a very logical and reasonable manner.

Let us, understand the houses by taking an analogy of the image below (fig-1) -:

Fig-1: Illustrating houses 

In the above image, the numbers from 1 to 12 are the twelve houses of astrology. We can also see some direction names in the image like east, west etc.

We all know that Earth rotates in eastward (From West to East) direction and thus it seems as if the celestial bodies like the sun, moon and other stars moving in westward direction (From East to West). This is called as “Apparent movement of Sun or, Moon or, any other celestial bodies”.

Zodiac signs are nothing but, the division of space around the earth and therefore, they also have apparent movement like other celestial bodies and as the Zodiac signs form a belt around the earth, therefore, at any given time we can have a zodiac sign in each direction.

With reference to the above image (fig-1); let us assume that, Sun rises from the position where “1” is written, i.e. “East” and sets in the position where “7” is written, i.e. “West” and so as the other celestial bodies and zodiac signs.

Then, at the time of birth; the sign that rises from the eastern horizon takes the “1st house” in the horoscope. This zodiac sign is also known as “Ascendant” or, “Lagna”.

Again, as there are 12 zodiac signs so, the ascendant changes in every 2 hours and in this way, within 24 hours the entire zodiac belt completes its apparent movement around the earth. Therefore, there is a gap of 22 hours (approximately) for a zodiac sign to become the ascendant again.

Similarly, at the time of birth; the zodiac sign present in the western horizon (Or, setting in the western horizon) takes the 7th house in the birth chart and the zodiac sign that present above the head takes the 10th house and that of below us (above the head on the other hemisphere of earth) takes the 4th house.

In this way all the 12 zodiac signs arrange themselves in 12 houses.

Now, let us find out the position of Sun in different houses from time of birth.

If somebody is born approximately in between “5 AM to 7 AM” then, the Sun will take the 1st house in the birth chart because this is the average time of sun rise and as the Sun rises in the east and so as the zodiac sign, thus, Sun will take the 1st house.

Similarly, if the birth time is in between “7 AM to 9 AM” then, the Sun will take the 12TH house , between “9 AM TO 11 AM”, Sun will be in the 11th house, between “11 AM to 1 PM” Sun will be in the 10th house ,i.e., above the head.

After this the Sun will start setting and between “1 PM to 3 PM”, Sun will be in the 9th house, between “3 PM to 5 PM”, Sun will be in the 8th house.

After 5 PM, Sun will be in the west and starts rising in the other hemisphere; So, between “5 PM to 7 PM”, Sun will be in the 7th house, between “7 PM to 9 PM”, Sun will be in the 6th house, between “9 PM to 11 PM”, Sun will be in the 5th house and between “12 AM to 2 AM”, Sun will be in the 4th house, i.e. below us or, above the head in the other hemisphere.

After this Sun will start setting in the other hemisphere, so, between “2 AM to 3 AM”, Sun will be in the 3rd house and between “3 AM to 5 AM”, Sun will be in the 2nd house.
The below image (fig-2) shows the position of the Sun in different houses in a day, pictorially.

Fig-2 : Sun in different houses in a complete day

This is a rough approximation of the Sun’s position in various houses with time but, the exact degree and house placement of Sun and other planets can be known by proper calculation or, by the help of a good astrology software.

In our next post of this series we will continue our discussion and will discuss each house individually.


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