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The Zodiac Belt

The zodiac belt is the circular space around the earth with an angle of 360°.This space is further divided in 12 equal parts with an angle of 30° and each division is called a "Zodiac sign”.

The Zodiac Signs

Although the zodiac signs are named after the constellation (like Aries, Taurus etc.) but, each constellation differs in size and hence can't have an equal size of 30°. Therefore, we consider the space as the “zodiac sign” and the exact span of the constellation.

The Twelve Zodiac signs are given in the below picture (fig-1)

Fig-1 : Twelve Zodiac Signs (Rashis)

Just like the planets, the zodiac signs can also be categorized in different sets reflecting similar type of characteristics. All such type of categorization is as follows-:

Lords of Zodiac signs

In Vedic astrology, certain planet rules over certain signs and hence called as the lord of that sign. Planets present in their ruling sign generally do well for the native.

The lords of different zodiac signs are as follows (fig-2) -:

Fig-2 : Lords of rashis

Even & Odd signs

The 12 signs can be divided into two categories, i.e., “even signs” and “odd signs” as shown in the below table (fig-3) -:

Fig-3 : Odd & Even signs

Male & Female signs

All the odd zodiac signs are “male” and the entire even zodiac signs are “female” as shown in the below table (fig-4)-:

Fig-4 : Male & Female signs

The Male signs will tend be to more extrovert, pushy, aggressive, communicative, destructive when negative, assertive and dominating.

The Female signs will tend to be more calm, intuitive, nurturing, protective, quiet, introverted, gentle and emotional.

Benefic & Malefic signs

All the odd zodiac signs are “malefic signs” and the entire even zodiac signs are “benefic signs” as shown in the below table (fig-5)-:

Fig-5 : Benefic & Malefic signs

A malefic sign adds some amount of negativity to the planet present in it and a benefic sign adds some amount of positivity to the planet present in it.

Signs and flexibility

The zodiac signs can be divided in three categories, i.e., “Movable signs”, “Fixed signs” and “Dual signs” as per their flexibility as shown in the below table (fig-6) -:

Fig-6 : Flexibility of signs

Movable signs represent activity, movement, adaptability, change, quickness, reform, independence, moving on, flexibility, dissatisfaction leading to rapid change.

Fixed signs represent steadiness, rigidity, headstrong nature, fixed, slow but steady, accumulation, steady/ calm, resolute, determined, my way or highway sort of nature, loving to remain in one place/ job for a long time, fixed opinions on spirituality/ religion, persistent.

Dual signs represent a mix of both the above and hence they have that dual nature, learning oriented, pedantic, philosophical, inclined to reading/ writing, inclined to communicate/ preach/ teach, open to ideas/ learning, multitasking, exploring different options all the time.

Signs & Elements

The zodiac signs can be divided in four categories, i.e., “Fire signs”, “Earth signs”, “Air signs” and “Water signs” as per the elements of nature as shown in the below table (fig-7)-:

Fig-7 : Elements of signs

Fire signs exhibit qualities like -: Energy, passion, aggression, decisiveness, leadership, dominance, frank, outspoken, extrovert, brilliance, anger, hot temperament, fast Metabolic rate, active, pioneering, separating, spontaneous, inspiring, self-centered, motivated, visionary, enthusiastic, lovers of activity and movement/ exploration, my way or highway traits, impatient and impulsive.

Earth signs exhibit qualities like -: Practical, methodical, analytical, slow and steady, persevering, rising to top slowly but surely, patient, building/ accumulating, practical, realistic, down to earth nature, lover of reality as opposed to fiction/ imagination, fact oriented, sluggish, resilient, keen business skills, knows real materialistic value of things, good in details, good planners, good managers/ CEOs/ directors, dependable/ trustworthy.

Air signs exhibit qualities like -: Quick thinking, intellectual, abstract thought, communicative, eager to learn, good writers/ orators/ spokesmen, quick in physical movement, loves Travel & exploration, ‘journey is more important than destination’ type of nature, great social skills, great friends, pleasant, philosophical attitude, sponge like nature for knowledge, flexible nature, harmony loving, beauty loving.

Water signs exhibit qualities like -: emotional, intuitive, sensitive, learning, passionate, collectors/ hoarders – collect memories/ articles, hard to detach, nurturing/ caring, motherly attitude, forgiving, imaginative, introvert nature, secretive, psychic, dreamy, lesser physical energy, detached from practical facts- go on intuition as opposed to facts, natural meditation skills if developed, tendency to gain weight.

Signs & Direction

Like the planets, certain zodiac signs gain strength in certain direction and hence on the basis of direction, signs can be divided into four categories like “East”, “West”, “North” & “South”. The respective signs in each category are powerful in that direction.

All the fire signs gain strength in east side, earth signs in south side, air signs in west side and water signs in north side as given in the below table (fig-8)-:

Fig-8 : Directions of signs
In the next post we will continue this discussion and will know many other important things about the zodiac signs.

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