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If you are curious about astrology, numerology, palmistry, occult sciences etc. or, want to learn about them; then “ASTRO X” is for you.


ASTRO X is specially developed for astrology & other related subjects, although it’s a part of my main website QUANTUM X which deals with the study of curious and mysterious facts along with science.

To relate this website with my main website, I named it so and as it deals with astrology; therefore I attached “ASTRO” before “X”


There is lot of misconceptions about astrology around the world and there are lots of people who don’t believe in astrology.

The root cause behind such misconceptions is “Western astrology” which emerged later as an offshoot of “Vedic astrology” and contains many false things which are not there in the original Vedic astrology which eventually results in false predictions.

Another reason is the “Misuse of astrology”. People (Mostly in India) often choose astrology as a career option when they face unemployment (Mostly) and many such people don’t know much about astrology and therefore knowingly/unknowingly makes false predictions.

As astrology and related subjects are not recognized by government of any country and our current scientific understanding can’t able to justify astrology , therefore, when people see wrong predictions then, they used to claim astrology as a fake subject rather than blaming the astrologer.

Astrology is a divine science and it’s not a mere creation of human mind; we all need to understand this.

Click here to know more about the origins of astrology.

Therefore, the soul reason behind opening this website is to raise awareness among the masses regarding astrology and related subjects.

We shouldn’t be stereotype and biased in our perception and we must understand that; we can’t say anything is fake, just because our current scientific understanding couldn’t able to justify it.

So, I want all of us to broaden our minds.

In ASTRO X; you will understand different things related to Vedic astrology in a very lucid manner and even learn it too.

So, understand astrology here and then judge whether astrology works or, not rather than relying on what others say.

 Something about authors & services

Well, my name is Udit. Yes, the same person who runs “Quantum X”. But, here I am with my father “Jyotirvid Deepak Chatterjee” who is an eminent astrologer with 40+ years of experience in Vedic astrology, Vastu, Horary etc.

We not only provide you the right platform to learn astrology and related subjects but also, provide you consultations.

But, as we are professional astrologer, therefore, we don’t provide any free services.

In the below image; we have given our contact details. So, if you want consultation  from us then you can just contact us here-:

Contact details
(you can send us Whatsapp message on the given contact number for consultation purpose)

All other details like our address, fee structures, different services, mode of transaction etc. will be provided to you if you are interested in getting consultation from us.

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